Would your congregation be willing to support Jeffco Christians United?

Jeffco Christians United is committed to helping the truly Christian Church in Jefferson County—and it’s many congregations—walk together in unity, just like Jesus prayed for in John 17. To that end, we are bringing pastors and congregations together to pray and work together. Some of our events include quarterly Countywide Prayer Rallies, multi-congregation retreats (men’s, women’s, couples’, pastors’, etc.), weekly and monthly Pastors’ Prayer Gatherings, Prayer Walks in various locations, multi-congregational evangelistic efforts, and more.

To make these types of things happen requires regular and ongoing interaction with pastors and other church leaders. Face-to-face meetings—including meals and/or coffees—are a common occurrence. A county that is 664 square miles means driving lots of miles each month to visit leaders at their various church buildings. Bulk emails and bulk texts, as well as a web presence, all require solid internet access and programs (apps) to assure smooth, clear communication.

Obviously, all of these things—and many others—require money. Would you be willing to help fund these endeavors? Below is our current monthly budget.

You can give via check by sending it to:
Jeffco Christians United, 65 Shepherds Way, Hillsboro MO 63050

Or you can give below using a credit/debit card.

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For assistance, feel free to call our office at 636-789-4522.

Thank you so much for your generosity!